Dear Parent(s) and Stakeholders, 

The San Juan School District Board of Education members are seeking information to help best serve its patrons. As a consequence of the Covid19 Pandemic, it was necessary to suspend the practice of rotating board meeting locations from school to school within the county and hold them in one location (the Boardroom at the District Office in Blanding) and broadcast them virtually to parents and stakeholders. A modern, efficient broadcast system has been purchased and installed in the Board Room in the District Office in Blanding. This system was purchased using ESSER Care funds to help facilitate effective public participation into the virtual board meetings. A rise in participation of patrons resulted. In the past five months, the lowest number of viewers has been 60 with the highest being over a 100. These numbers are substantially higher than participation numbers in meetings prior to the Pandemic. 

Now with the Pandemic subsiding to some degree, the Board of Education is seeking some input regarding the best way to provide stakeholder access to board meetings in the future. Should board meetings return to a rotation of in-person meetings at schools where broadcasting effectiveness is less than ideal due to many factors, or should board meetings remain in the Board Room in Blanding and be broadcasted virtually to patrons utilizing the modern, effective system? The Board of Education is asking you to provide your input into the decision by completing the attached survey. Thank you so much for your valuable time. Ron Nielson Superintendent of Schools