November 2021 Newsletter

Important Dates:

                                  ·      Every Friday in November is Dress Up Day for Native American Month

November 1-5: Evaluate Assessment for ELA 7-10 & Math 7-8

November 2: Election Day

November 8: GBB/BBB/Wrestling Starts

November 11: Veterans Day (No School)

November 15-19: Native American Awareness Week

                                                            November 15: Rock Your Mocs – Wear Purple

                                                            November 16: Bun Day – Wear Purple

                                                            November 17: Sash Belt Day - Suicide Prevention – Wear Black

                                                            November 18: Jewelry Day - Every Child Matters – Wear Orange

                                                            November 19: Ribbon Skirt/Jewelry Day – Wear Red

November 17: Picture Day (see flyer in the mailing to post office)

November 15: Mock ACT for all Juniors in the Library

November 24-28: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

November 29-December 3: School Safety Week with Sexual Harassment Video Training for Scholars (see letters in the mailing to post office)

                        Meet Some WHS Staff

Kolby Tsosie

Kolby Tsosie lives in Blanding, UT, but is originally from Cane Valley, AZ, on his mother's side. He graduated from San Juan High in Blanding and recently, from Utah Valley University in Orem. He is reserved, but also an outgoing person, especially when it relates to his passions. Furthermore, he likes to work on his cars and weld them. Not only that, but he also likes to enjoy playing video games. His favorite TV show is The Simpsons. He also likes sports. His favorite teams are Utah Jazz, Green Bay Packers, and NHL Team San Jose Sharks. Mr. Tsosie is a sneakerhead, which means he likes to collect shoes with history, mostly Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He would consider his passion for History as one of his strengths, and his weakness would be talking, especially if it is something that he's not passionate about. Mr. Tsosie has an interest in history because it is part of storytelling. He likes stories that are not always heard, which is why he likes to teach U.S. History and focus on Indigenous History. The goals he has as a History teacher are to include more Indigenous History in lessons and include more in textbooks to tell our stories and histories. He also wants to inform everyone that Indigenous people are still here and that we can help make a difference by teaching each other.             - Miranda M Morgan

Sandra Capitan

Sandra Capitan is one of the busiest, and oldest, teachers that have been teaching since…..Capitan’s true purpose was to help make a difference in the lives of the community when she first started teaching at WHS. As she said herself when asked if she wanted to teach at another school: “No other school in mind; wanted to teach in my community.” She was originally asked to facilitate the class for one year but, when the school could not find a replacement, it stuck with her. Capitan helps scholars learn the basics of Digital Arts, Personal Finance, and getting jobs. Lastly, her favorite subjects to teach are Business Office Specialist, Business Math and Personal Finance, Digital Graphic Arts, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, and College and Career Awareness.                    - Xander Washburn

Kristen Bushnell

Kristen Bushnell

Mrs. Bushnell is the Engineering Teacher at WHS. She attended Salt Lake City Community College for 6 years, with another 8 years at Utah State University to receive her Master’s Degree. She wanted to become a teacher of engineering at WHS to help more students pursue a career in architecture. Mrs. Bushnell used to teach at Bluff Elementary School. Mrs. Bushnell said there have not been any accidents in the workshop, but she has seen someone get their knuckle hit by the grinder.    - Ziare Habaadih                                                                                                  

Kim Schaefer

Kim Schaefer is originally from Tulare, South Dakota and worked as a music teacher in Comfrey, Minnesota, prior to teaching music at WHS for 14 years. She did not know what to do next when she had hearing loss from teaching music, so questioned herself, “What could I possibly do to keep me in Montezuma Creek?” She thought that running a school might be similar to teaching music. She said, “Teaching music helped me know how to work with people in a way to bring out their best.” To this day, she loves her job, even during a pandemic. Somehow, she manages to get our needs addressed and right now, these needs are the 200% Accountability Policy implemented due to COVID. “98% mask compliance and hand hygiene are pretty good. Scholars are using sanitizer and reminding each other. We most definitely are getting better at physical distancing.” At the end of the day, she most enjoys interacting with scholars. Principal Schaefer is also giving her 200% for scholars and the entire school. Thank You, Mrs. Schaefer, for being a wonderful principal at WHS!         - Kay'son Yazzie

Rowena Littlehat

Rowena Littlehat, school counselor, is very outgoing and easy to get along with! She enjoys being a counselor and says that having conversations with scholars and parents is the best. Rowena chose this career by seeing what she wanted to change: From the role of being an elementary school teacher to making connections with scholars and getting more familiar with the high school levels. This is how she followed her father's footsteps, as he too worked as an elementary teacher before he transferred to WHS. Rowena thinks our scholars are doing their best and that she knows that we are all capable of achieving our goals! This leads to one of her goals for the school year: “To see scholars achieve their goals according to their grades, status tracker.” Rowena is thrilled to be back in school and is making sure to put that 200% accountability in place. Working at a high school and with scholars of different grade levels from junior high to high school is the best part of her job!                                              - Raegan Jones                                                                                                                                                   

Georgiana Simpson

Georgiana Simpson is the Art Teacher (of 7 years) at WHS. She is always learning new things and working to improve her art skills, to include working with ceramics, mixed-media, drawing, and painting. Simpson finds drawing the most relaxing. Mrs. Simpson draws inspiration from the Taos Society of Artists and Los Cinco Pintores (Organizations of visual artists located and established in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico). Simpson’s sister encouraged her to earn an Arts Degree at the University of Arizona, but she chose to study Business. However, it was all worth it because she now has a Master's in Teaching in Fine Art from the University of Utah. Mrs. Simpson runs a small club called Raider Studio, where scholars work to build their foundational art skills. “Unique art-making takes place with all Raider Studio scholars. The energy in Raider Studio is happy, fun, hard-working and always, ALWAYS... CREATIVE!”                                                                                           -  Leah Prettyboy

Ella Redhouse

Ella Redhouse is the Librarian and says she learns new things every day. She graduated from WHS and then, worked with Special Ed and after-school programs. She wanted to help her community and enjoys the scholars. Ella says, “The scholars are my priority.” COVID was rough for her because she was not prepared for this to happen. She is passionate about seeing scholars succeed every day and wants to see them go beyond. She’s ecstatic to finally see teachers, staff, and students every day!                                                   - Angelena Phillips

Carol Reynolds

Carol Reynolds is a caring and compassionate paraeducator. She went to Fort Lewis College for 6 years and got her degree in humanities and elementary education, as well as special education. She then taught at Aneth Community School and Cortez. The most challenging part of her job is motivating students to do their work, but she enjoys helping scholars complete an assignment. ¨I like the celebrations each scholar feels and the joy on their faces when they understand the thing being taught,¨ she said. Mrs. Reynolds was nervous about starting school during the pandemic, but she is getting used to it because everyone is doing the ¨200% accountability.¨                                                                                                                                           - Carlias Yazzie

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