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Congratulations to PowerUp! Challenge Winners

The first-ever PowerUp! Challenge at WHS was sponsored by SEI and Swinerton Renewable Energy. First place was earned by Kassidy Lee, followed by Xavier Martin in 2nd place, and Diana Whitehair in 3rd place. Join us in congratulating these scholars at this video.

Critical Thinking Unit Scholar Work

Scholars are diving into the 4th Quarter Critical Thinking Unit to learn about line, plane, and rotational symmetry. Here are a few scholar work samples:

     Mandala by Autumn N, sophomore

Mandala by Leah P, junior     

WHS Art Teacher Honored

"Since 1991, I have been the Arts Education Program Manager for the state arts agency. I have encountered excellent and dedicated teachers in all of the artistic disciplines. Georgiana stands head and shoulders above many for several reasons. Georgiana does not teach because she needs a job. She teaches because she loves and cares for her students and the community. She has high expectations for her students and challenges them to be the best learners. She always refers to them as her “art scholars.” She fuels their curiosity and encourages safe exploration, self-discovery and the right to express their individual artistic voice. She is kindly demanding and nurturing. She is consistent in teaching the core, systematically and sequentially, and by doing so, her students increase their knowledge and skills in the visual arts, moving away from the single project model used by so many instructors." ~ Jean Tokuda Irwin, Utah Department of Heritage & Arts