January 2021 Newsletter 

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Monday 3:10 pm Advisory for All Scholars


All scholars benefit by attending Advisory on Monday's at 3:10 pm. The link to a scholar's specific Advisory session is in the school email AND on the scholar's google calendar. If there is difficulty in finding the link, please call your Family Advisor or text 801.633.6755. 

Every scholar should attend Advisory every Monday at 3:10 pm. Advisory sessions help scholars stay on track for graduation and earn a high school diploma. We focus on what to do for upcoming assignments and help scholars develop skills and habits to improve distance learning. 

Monday, January 4: Open the White Envelope with Green Edging for 3rd Quarter Distance Learning! 

3rd Quarter Learning Materials

Please plan to continue attending the scheduled Broadcasts for all classes as much as possible. If a Broadcast is missed, watch the recording as soon as Internet access is possible. After watching the recorded Broadcast, be sure the scholar emails the teacher to tell them what was learned and/or to ask question(s). 

Attempt to attend Online Office Hours with teachers. Online Office Hours are at 3:15-3:45 pm on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s. The google meets links are found in the Staff Directory. Each teacher has a unique link 

Find hard copies and all needed materials in the white envelope with green edging. What scholars submit each week for this Evolution & Climate Change Unit will earn them passing grades for all of the following classes: 

  • Music 7, Band I, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Guitar/Piano, ChorusArt Foundations I & II, 3D Fine Arts,  

  • US History I, US History II, Geography, World Civilization, Government, 

  • Journalism, LA 7, LA 8, LA 9, LA 10, LA 11, 23-LA 7-9, 23-LA 10-11,  

  • Reading 7, Reading 8, Reading, Reading II, 23-Reading 7-12, 

  • Navajo 7, Navajo 8, Navajo I, Navajo II, 

  • Participation Skills, Fitness for Life, Health 10, Health 8, Beginning Fitness 7, 

  • Science 7, Science 8, Earth Systems, Biology, Zoology, Medical Forensics, 

  • Business Office Specialist, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, and CCA 7. 

If a scholar has adequate Internet connectivity, please submit each week’s assignment for the Evolution & Climate Change Unit through the Canvas course listed. If Internet connectivity is not great, email a photo to the teacher listed for the grade level. 

APP to Increase Communication 

App PR

Go to the place where you download apps and search Apptegy San Juan. This app gives users access to a Livefeed, News, Events, Staff Directory, and much more. Once the app is on your device, select WHS in the top, righthand corner.

University of Utah Medical Students Present to Science Scholars

University of Utah Medical Students On Friday, December 18, Ms Dee arranged for the University of Utah Medical Students to present to various science classes.  For more information, visit the specific UofU website for this program.

Scholars in Grades 7-10 Take Monthly Assessment in Evaluate

Remind your scholar to take the January Evaluate. Scholars in grades 7-8 take Math and Language Arts. Scholars in grades 9-10 take Language Arts. Aim to have all Evaluate Assessments submitted by Friday, January 15. Here is the link to the log in page.

Evaluate Assessment

Featured Semester Capstone Projects

Throughout 1st Semester, WHS scholars learned characteristics of heroes, about alternative energy sources, a wide range of distance learning skills, perseverance, and how to overcome obstacles. The Semester Capstone Projects submitted by scholars reveal the range of meaningful learning accomplished through the distance learning situation. We hope readers will enjoy the featured scholars' work. Find more Semester Capstone Projects on our school website.

~Elam Etsitty, 7th Grader

~ Jaslene Begay, 7th Grader

~Rhonetta Hill, 8th Grader

~Phoebe John, 10th Grader

~Autumn Nakai, 10th Grader