October 2020 Newsletter 

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Broadcasts via Canvas Conference 

image of conference

Broadcasts are once a week for each  class, except for Math, CCA &, and  Physics which Broadcasts twice each  week. Recordings are in Canvas for up  to 10 days. Here are the steps to follow  in order to join a Broadcast: 

  1.  Log-on to Canvas and select the  class you want to join. 
  2. Select the blue “Conferences” tab on the left side of your screen. 
  3. Any current or upcoming Broadcast will show up under the section heading of  “New Conferences”. 
  4. Select the green “join” button when it is time to join. 
  5. Allow access to your microphone and complete the echo test. 

What To Do If You Miss a Broadcast OR Cannot Connect Due to Poor Network 

We are very excited for the $3.9 million project funded for San Juan School District because it will bring school network services closer to scholar homes. In the meantime, we know connectivity is of poor quality in many locations. Please do the following if you miss a Broadcast: 

 1.    Consider going to a SJSD Drive-Up WiFi location for the next Broadcast, including the WHS Parking Lot, 

 2.    Watch the recorded Broadcast and email or call your teacher to tell them what you learned and/or what questions you have, and/or 

 3.    Join a teacher during an Online Office Hours.   The bottom line is for scholars to communicate with teachers. We can help.

Sticking to a Routine is Important

Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. However, engaging with a teacher is only possible Monday through Friday, from 9 am-4 pm.

 Be sure to work on each course every day. Use Canvas as much as possible.

Learning Depot Days  

Learning Depot Phot

Every Wednesday, from 7:30 am to 1 pm, we offer specialized instruction in a variety of areas:

·      Math Tutoring

·      Art Lessons

·      Assistance with the Hero Project

·      Social Studies

·      Music Lessons

·      Welding Lessons

We use the recommended safety protocols, to include:

·      Meeting outside,

·      Requiring face coverings for all,

·      Maintaining 6-feet physical distancing, and

·      As an added precaution, we only allow scholars to work with ONE teacher at Learning Depot Days.

Scholars can make an appointment by contacting the Family Advisor.