School Community Council (SCC)

The School Community Council (SCC) works to improve the learning environment (academic and behavior) for all scholars by providing input to financial decisions, school improvement plans, and making further suggestions to the school administration. Parents serving on the SCC directly influence how Trustland funds are spent and in SY20, we will receive over $40,000.

The SCC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5 pm and meetings are open to the public. Important SCC documents are posted below for review.  Here is the meeting schedule for 2019-2020:

August 7                               January 8

September 4                         February 5

October 2                              March 4

November 6                          April 1

December 4                          May 6

Contact one of the SCC Members to get on the agenda:

SCC Chair: Tina Lansing:
SCC Vice-Chair: 
SCC Secretary: Kim Tohonnie:
SCC Member: Julie Denny:
SCC Member: Lorinda Clark:
Principal: Kim Schaefer:
WHS Staff: Georgiana Simpson:

The JOM parent meeting follows the SCC, generally about 6 pm. 

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